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Digital Wallets – Are We Drifting Away From Secure Payment System

Mobile wallets are driving us towards a cashless world and the future seems imminent when digital wallets will outpace other payment methods. Consumers are getting comfortable storing their debit/credit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, and bank account information digitally on their mobile devices for the convenience of payment. Below are some quick mobile wallet features

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FinTech Innovation Delivering Enhanced Member Engagement

In 2018, credit unions (CUs) added 5.02 Million new members, the fastest in the history that manifests the growing popularity of CUs. However, the financial landscape is consistently challenged by escalating fraud threats & data breaches. This makes it more difficult than ever to safeguard members’ money, especially for smaller CUs. Payment cards, Same Day ACH,

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Leverage AI Enabled Approach As CNP Becomes the Norm

Retailers are set to lose $130 Billion in digital/ CNP (Card-not-Present) fraud between 2018 and 2023 due to increasingly complex approaches adopted by fraudsters and slow adoption of advanced fraud prevention solutions by retailers. It is easier than ever to buy card details online as such details are being compromised on regular basis further facilitating

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Accepting credit cards as payment mode has been one of the most convenient and popular options for receiving payments across businesses. Use of a modern payment options can certainly boost your revenue, significantly increase your customer base and improve productivity– however, you need to stay cognizant of the accompanying fraud.   The large scale investments

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Assess the True Cost Associated to Payment Fraud with QPS at MRC 2018

In this era of never-ending scams and fake news, it is quite a difficult task to distinguish facts from fiction. This puzzle of identity lies right in the center of E-commerce ecosystem creating opportunities for fraudsters to exploit vulnerabilities. For Card-Not-Present (CNP) frauds, incidents are on the rise and are expected to cross $25 Billion

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What QPS has in Store for Financial Institutions at CUNA GAC 2018?

The financial industry is undergoing a paradigm shift with an influx of ever-evolving technology, demographics, and regulatory dynamics. Electronic payments have always been the prime target for hackers with data breaches causing huge losses for organizations. Fraud Risk in a Digitally Connected Payment World Financial Institutions (FIs) are grappling with ever-expanding fraud landscape including payment

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