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What QPS has in Store for Financial Institutions at CUNA GAC 2018?

The financial industry is undergoing a paradigm shift with an influx of ever-evolving technology, demographics, and regulatory dynamics. Electronic payments have always been the prime target for hackers with data breaches causing huge losses for organizations. Fraud Risk in a Digitally Connected Payment World Financial Institutions (FIs) are grappling with ever-expanding fraud landscape including payment

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money 2020 las vegas fintech event oct'2017

Potent Blend of Payments Ecosystem at Money 20/20, 2017

Organizations are finding it difficult to detect adept fraudsters, who move nimbly across various channels, impersonating as genuine customers. Due to advanced attacks by fraudsters financial institutions (FIs) and merchants continue to fall prey, resulting in significant financial losses, considerable reputational damage, and loss of customer trust. A recent massive breach at a leading credit

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dci annual conf for FIS

The Future of Banking Tech Is @ The DCI Conference, 2017

Financial institutions (FIs) are under unprecedented pressure from the confluence of escalating fraud threats. From losing customer’s trust to heavy financial losses, fraudulent activities can shut down any business. With a continuous surge in payment fraud and social engineering manipulations, financial institutions have turned into a fertile ground for a variety of financial fraud. Fraudsters

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