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Decrypting the Cyber Monday Fraud Risk

Monday, 26 November is one of the most awaited Online Shopping Days of the Year and it’s just around the corner. It is the time that everyone waits and while you free your purse strings for buying your favorite gadget, tool, and various products available at mega discounted prices. While eCommerce and mobile payment volumes

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Return Fraud Crusades To $9 Billion as Merchant Policies Fall Apart

The holiday season always gives merchants a chance to showcase new products and services that can add up to their bottom line and 2017 was no exception. While businesses invest most of their time in catering to new customers, retailers have started accepting returned merchandise as an attempt to gain a competitive edge. Flexible returns

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Is Your Halloween Cheer Turning Into Holiday Horror?

Exquisite lanterns illuminate the path as scary witches and goblins head out to trick and treat. Celebrated on 31st October every year, Halloween shopping season is considered to be a magical time, being the precursor to the crazy consumerism. People splurge on gifts, costumes, candies, pumpkins, and decorations. According to a report, the total amount

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