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Digital Wallets – Are We Drifting Away From Secure Payment System

Mobile wallets are driving us towards a cashless world and the future seems imminent when digital wallets will outpace other payment methods. Consumers are getting comfortable storing their debit/credit cards, prepaid cards, gift cards, and bank account information digitally on their mobile devices for the convenience of payment. Below are some quick mobile wallet features

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Data Breaches Expanding the Cybercrime Realm in Every 39 Seconds

In 2018, 2.8 Billion consumer data records in the US alone were exposed with personally identifiable information (PII) making up 97% of the total information. As per recent reports published during January 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019, the compromised records led to losses totaling more than $654 Billion. Healthcare industry is by far the

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lafferty annual conference 2017

Fostering Innovations at the Lafferty International Cards & Payments Conference, 2017

Mirroring the globalization of digital payment systems, it is evident that cyber-attack strategies are likely to grow more sophisticated. Key drivers of fraud incorporate expanding e-commerce market and large money transfer through online channels. Digital payments face stiffer competition paving the way for a proxy war involving tech giants. Organizations continue to witness payment fraud,

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