Fraud Prevention

End to End fraud detection and prevention services across multiple sectors to manage risk and fight fraud.

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Data Sciences

Uncover hidden fraud patterns with big data analytics to extract best business value from data for our clients.

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Payment Gateway

An online payment processing solution which empowers organizations to accept credit cards and electronic checks.

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digital payments industry

Tech Innovations in the Digital Payments Sphere

The dynamic nature of faster payments and advent of new technologies driven by FinTech have been creating disruptions in the payment landscape. With innovative technology reshaping the payment ecosystem, financial institutions have witnessed rising incidents of financial crime and new threats in form of illegitimate cross border transactions. Same Day ACH, ongoing EMV compliance and

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fintech digital prevention

FinTech: The Poster Boy of Disruption in the Payment Industry

Welcome to the future of banking where large tech companies, startups and financial services providers are competing for their slice of customer convenience in a highly competitive marketplace. The meteoric rise of FinTech is the inevitable result of an increasing consumer demand, to facilitate and ameliorate financial and banking procedures by harnessing the power of new

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rise in m-commerce digital payments

M-Commerce: Outpacing the Traditional Payments Industry

Does it feel like more people are working on the go, totally tapped into palm-sized screens? Owing to its appeal for millennial consumers, mobile web browsing has been steadily growing since its inception while the desktop’s share of web traffic has phenomenally decreased. Retailers, who have optimized their mobile shopping experience for their customers are

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Bluesnarfing: The Emerging Disruption in the Payment Environment

Ever been a victim of a cyber-attack in guise of data phishing via Bluetooth Technology? If the answer is YES, then you need to reconsider enabling Bluetooth on your mobile devices.   With fast emerging technological evolution, hackers have gone ultra-creative in cracking your security wall around sensitive data. These cyber offenders have been developing

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Same Day ACH Phase II, Knocking at Your Door – Weigh Your Strengths Today!

The roll out of Same Day ACH (SDACH) Phase I by the Electronic Payments Association (NACHA), the administrator of the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network, in September 2016 led the payment industry to dramatically adopt same day transactions. It accounted for approximately 13M amounting to more than $18B in QTR 1, 2017. Assessing the Impact

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data breach prevention

No One ‘WannaCry’

The frequency of data breaches continues to propel at a breakneck speed. Revealing the alarming growth of data thefts, the Identity Theft Resource Center confirmed that 1,093 data breaches were recorded in 2016 for organizations across the US. According to the Ponemon Institute research, the average cost of a data breach during 2016 was over

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A Rendezvous With Quatrro Processing Services At CNP Expo 2017

When the turf was fragile, solutions were not streamlined, tools were cumbersome and fraudsters were spearheading with sharp strategies and advanced programs. Quatrro Processing Services since then has been providing 100% coverage against fraud and scams with efficient real-time transaction monitoring. Quatrro is powered by highly futuristic, proactive and effective fraud prevention solutions anchored by

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Demystifying Bitcoins and Blockchain

Bitcoins/ Blockchain is not a new development, they appeared on the horizon eight years ago. The global financial crisis in the year 2008 motivated Satoshi Nakamoto to write a paper called, ‘Bitcoin’ – A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System. While Satoshi’s identity is still unknown, periodically several people pop up claiming to be him.

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Card Processing

You expect more from your card processor. Better reporting, more value-added consulting, and turnkey solutions to help you maximize your revenue potential. Quatrro provides a comprehensive suite of customized payment processing solutions. We offer card processing (credit, debit and prepaid) via a next generation platform from VeriFone, the global-leader in POS hardware devices. Our card

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Analytics and Big Data

Different organizations operate at different stages of analytic maturity – from almost non-users or rudimentary users of data to very advanced users of predictive models and algorithms and data driven decision optimization. Competitive advantage increases with this degree of data intelligence deployed – beginning at the level of Hindsight based reactive decision making (Reacting to

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