Fraud Prevention

End to End fraud detection and prevention services across multiple sectors to manage risk and fight fraud.

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Data Sciences

Uncover hidden fraud patterns with big data analytics to extract best business value from data for our clients.

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Payment Gateway

An online payment processing solution which empowers organizations to accept credit cards and electronic checks.

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Black Friday vis-a-vis Cyber Monday 2017: An Early Forecast of Bricks and Clicks

Holiday decorations are up with fancy merchandise sold by merchants during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Radio stations have jumped the gun playing Christmas music and shoppers have started browsing various sites looking for their perfect gifts for the festive season. This year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday figures reflect consumers’ behavior gravitating towards the

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Green Monday – Handling The Fraud Fear With Expertise

We have certainly heard of Cyber Monday, but are you also aware of Green Monday? Before the brainstorming begins, it is not the day for recycling or a day to encourage environment safety.  Green Monday is considered to be a phenomenal shopping day in the commercial carnage, drawing in the last-minute shoppers and giving one

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fraud prevention solutions holiday fraud

Stop Fraudsters From Stealing The Joy Of Black Friday

Being a significant date in the holiday season calendar, will Black Friday sales surpass the total spending of $25 Billion made during China’s 2017 annual Singles Day? Described as a pre-Christmas day of commercial carnage, Black Friday has grown in prominence with retailers selling off their stocks at bargain prices, attracting shoppers to grab huge

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upcoming event thanksgiving day 2017 USA

Harvest Fraud Prevention Strategies This Thanksgiving

Americans are set to fire up their credit cards, spending billions of dollars in the shopping frenzy of this holiday season. Thanksgiving 2017 – November 23rd is just round the corner and fraudsters are expected to scrounge on merchants. This not only includes merchants that accept credit card payments online but also over the phone

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Is Your Halloween Cheer Turning Into Holiday Horror?

Exquisite lanterns illuminate the path as scary witches and goblins head out to trick and treat. Celebrated on 31st October every year, Halloween shopping season is considered to be a magical time, being the precursor to the crazy consumerism. People splurge on gifts, costumes, candies, pumpkins, and decorations. According to a report, the total amount

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What Quatrro Brings For Business At Money 20/20, 2017?

Consumers are investing most of their spending power in the digital space, purchasing goods and services via the online and mobile channels that they have traditionally bought in brick-and-mortar locations. As spending patterns have evolved, fraudsters have shifted their focus on digital merchants and developed new techniques to exploit the online and mobile channels. Currently,

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money 2020 las vegas fintech event oct'2017

Potent Blend of Payments Ecosystem at Money 20/20, 2017

Organizations are finding it difficult to detect adept fraudsters, who move nimbly across various channels, impersonating as genuine customers. Due to advanced attacks by fraudsters financial institutions (FIs) and merchants continue to fall prey, resulting in significant financial losses, considerable reputational damage, and loss of customer trust. A recent massive breach at a leading credit

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holiday fraud season 2017

Holiday Season: A Gift in Disguise for Scammers

The mere mention of jingle bells, turkey feasts and door-busting horde enlighten our mind. The holiday season is around the corner with frantic shoppers aiming to secure the most effective deals. This eventful time of the year call fraudsters who are exploiting the vulnerabilities of consumer’s data floating in the digital space. Will Rise in

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De-Risking Money Laundering

Money Laundering has become a critical outbreak which has significantly dampened the confidence of financial institutions (FIs). Collapses of high profile companies have increased the vulnerabilities of the effectiveness of corporate governance, quality of financial reports, and credibility of audit functions. Money laundering (ML) has been weakening the soundness of a country’s economy, as well

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lafferty annual conference 2017

Fostering Innovations at the Lafferty International Cards & Payments Conference, 2017

Mirroring the globalization of digital payment systems, it is evident that cyber-attack strategies are likely to grow more sophisticated. Key drivers of fraud incorporate expanding e-commerce market and large money transfer through online channels. Digital payments face stiffer competition paving the way for a proxy war involving tech giants. Organizations continue to witness payment fraud,

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