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74% Rise In Identity Leaks Will Take Away Your Tax Returns in 2018

The annual tax return filing season is always a critical time for everyone including consumers, US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the banking sector. During this time, individuals solely rely on the IRS regarding questions about specific tax laws or filing procedures. In the wake of meeting the deadline for filling returns, IRS expects to

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Return Fraud Crusades To $9 Billion as Merchant Policies Fall Apart

The holiday season always gives merchants a chance to showcase new products and services that can add up to their bottom line and 2017 was no exception. While businesses invest most of their time in catering to new customers, retailers have started accepting returned merchandise as an attempt to gain a competitive edge. Flexible returns

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In 2018, Tax Fraud Losses Are Set To Surpass $600 B

The fast mushrooming identity theft related tax fraud has emerged as the Gordian knot of the payment industry. As fraudsters scoop up consumer’s data, organizations face the challenge of optimizing consumer experience to stay ahead of the pack. Being a multi-million dollar industry in the US alone, tax fraud is expected to wipe off whooping

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