Monthly Archives: September 2017

De-Risking Money Laundering

Money Laundering has become a critical outbreak which has significantly dampened the confidence of financial institutions (FIs). Collapses of high profile companies have increased the vulnerabilities of the effectiveness of corporate governance, quality of financial reports, and credibility of audit functions. Money laundering (ML) has been weakening the soundness of a country’s economy, as well

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lafferty annual conference 2017

Fostering Innovations at the Lafferty International Cards & Payments Conference, 2017

Mirroring the globalization of digital payment systems, it is evident that cyber-attack strategies are likely to grow more sophisticated. Key drivers of fraud incorporate expanding e-commerce market and large money transfer through online channels. Digital payments face stiffer competition paving the way for a proxy war involving tech giants. Organizations continue to witness payment fraud,

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dci annual conf for FIS

The Future of Banking Tech Is @ The DCI Conference, 2017

Financial institutions (FIs) are under unprecedented pressure from the confluence of escalating fraud threats. From losing customer’s trust to heavy financial losses, fraudulent activities can shut down any business. With a continuous surge in payment fraud and social engineering manipulations, financial institutions have turned into a fertile ground for a variety of financial fraud. Fraudsters

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