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Drawing a Healthier Balance Between AI & Human Intelligence

There’s a lot to be vigilant about for businesses between now and the year 2020. As we migrate to a world of real-time fulfillment and digital downloads, the response time to fraud attacks is constricting. Data security breaches and scams are becoming more sophisticated with card payment fraudsters elevating their game and empowered by technology.

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$40 Billion Dish Of Online Fraud, Served Cold To Businesses Annually

In a world of digital transactions and open communication, payments habitat is vulnerable to credit card fraud. Credit card fraud can be disruptive to an organizational framework, damaging a business’s credit report and can often be taxing for a company to investigate its root cause. To avoid premature discovery, fraudsters engage in low-level testing also

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5 Cyber Security Trends Set to Impact the Payment Industry in 2018

As cyber threats continue to dominate the payment industry, organizations are constantly in search to protect their data from breaches and other malicious activities. In the year 2017 – A stark rise in cyber-attacks was observed, a proof of impending dangers a clear indicator of what lies in store for 2018. A recent study predicted

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Debilitating Cyber Threats To Cost Businesses $6 Trillion By 2021

The steadily rising connection of individuals, companies and countries to the Internet has emerged among the most transformative means to ignite sustainable growth. However, with every advancement in the digital world, cybercriminals have become more sophisticated in their techniques. Growth in connectivity between digital and the physical world expands the potential avenues for the rise

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QPS Nominated For Best Anti-Fraud Solution Provider At CNP Awards 2018

The CNP Awards 2018 recognizes QPS for delivering exceptional fraud detection and prevention solutions to drive brand value and transform consumer experience. For the second time in a row QPS has been nominated under the category of Best Anti-Fraud Solutions for this prestigious award. The 2018 CNP Awards are held as a part of the

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In 2018, Tax Fraud Losses Are Set To Surpass $600 B

The fast mushrooming identity theft related tax fraud has emerged as the Gordian knot of the payment industry. As fraudsters scoop up consumer’s data, organizations face the challenge of optimizing consumer experience to stay ahead of the pack. Being a multi-million dollar industry in the US alone, tax fraud is expected to wipe off whooping

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Green Monday – Handling The Fraud Fear With Expertise

We have certainly heard of Cyber Monday, but are you also aware of Green Monday? Before the brainstorming begins, it is not the day for recycling or a day to encourage environment safety.  Green Monday is considered to be a phenomenal shopping day in the commercial carnage, drawing in the last-minute shoppers and giving one

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Stop Fraudsters From Stealing The Joy Of Black Friday

Being a significant date in the holiday season calendar, will Black Friday sales surpass the total spending of $25 Billion made during China’s 2017 annual Singles Day? Described as a pre-Christmas day of commercial carnage, Black Friday has grown in prominence with retailers selling off their stocks at bargain prices, attracting shoppers to grab huge

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Is Your Halloween Cheer Turning Into Holiday Horror?

Exquisite lanterns illuminate the path as scary witches and goblins head out to trick and treat. Celebrated on 31st October every year, Halloween shopping season is considered to be a magical time, being the precursor to the crazy consumerism. People splurge on gifts, costumes, candies, pumpkins, and decorations. According to a report, the total amount

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Holiday Season: A Gift in Disguise for Scammers

The mere mention of jingle bells, turkey feasts and door-busting horde enlighten our mind. The holiday season is around the corner with frantic shoppers aiming to secure the most effective deals. This eventful time of the year call fraudsters who are exploiting the vulnerabilities of consumer’s data floating in the digital space. Will Rise in

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